Leithner Letter Nos. 105-107
26 September 2008 - 26 November 2008

Finally, I wish to directly refute Mr Schoenfeld’s claim that I “cast aspersions on American Jews.” I do not cast aspersions, I forthrightly damn, and pray that God damns, any American – Jew, Catholic, Evangelical, Irish, German, Hindu, hermaphrodite, thespian, or otherwise – who flogs the insane idea that American and Israeli interests are one and the same. The nation-state of Israel is an intolerable burden to the treasury and security of the United States, and Washington’s current relationship with Israel – sanctioned by the AIPAC-funded political leaders of both parties – is one of several factors that are leading to full-scale American participation in other peoples’ religious wars, religious wars that David Horowitz’s recent “Islamofascist Awareness Week” manifestly wants to bring to the streets of the United States.

Michael Scheuer
The Anti-Americanism of the Israel-Firsters
(8 November 2007)

The [Republican Party in the U.S.] has always been evil. It has always been for big government. I don’t want more Reagans, Bushes, Nixons, Eisenhowers, Hoovervelts, McKinleys and Lincolns. Every single Republican president, save Harding (who was still a protectionist and a prohibitionist with policies that helped aggravate the 1920s bubble) failed to shrink the federal government. Republicans don’t want liberty and free markets; they want war and redistributed taxation to the poor through nominal tax cuts and increased inflation. ... There’s absolutely no chance of getting the GOP to return to its small-government roots, because such roots never existed.

Anthony Gregory
On Ron Paul’s Political Future (7 February 2008)

It is high time for Christians who defend the state, its leaders, its military and its wars to wake up and open their eyes and recognise some cold, hard facts ...

  • The United States has become a rogue state, a pariah nation, an evil empire.
  • The United States’ military is the greatest force for evil in the world.
  • The United States is the arms dealer to the world.
  • The United States is not the world’s policeman.
  • The United States cannot redeem the world through violence.
  • The United States is not the God-anointed protector of Israel that enjoys a special relationship with God.
  • The United States Government is the greatest threat to American life, liberty, and property – not the leaders or the military or the people of Iraq, Iran, Syria, China, Russia, or Venezuela.
  • ... [The American Republic] is crumbling. It is imperative that [Americans] return to the noninterventionist foreign policy of the Founders. Christians, of all people, should be leading the way.

Lawrence Vance
Christianity and War (12 June 2008)

America’s 2008 Elections,
Its Sullied Republican Past and Its Fraught Future

The voluminous writings (nineteen books and thousands of essays, articles and reviews) of H.L. Mencken, one of America’s finest writers and perhaps its greatest journalist and chronicler of American English, are a virtually-forgotten treasure trove of sparkling wit and deep wisdom. Like knowledge of their own history and respect for their own Constitution, decades ago most Americans consigned him to the dustbin. To peruse his pearls about government, democracy, politicians and elections, as well as socialism and capitalism, is to perceive something of what America once was and now merely claims to be. “Government is a broker in pillage,” Mencken said in Prejudices: First Series (1919), “and every election is sort of an advance auction sale of stolen goods.” In that book he added “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule,” and defined the socialist as “a man suffering from an overwhelming conviction to believe what is not true.”

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Chris Leithner


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